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Citrus Ginger Cocktail Slush Mix SS3001

Posted on: July 2nd, 2019 by Kathy Cassabon No Comments


Net Weight: 6.40oz/184g

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Net Weight: 6.40oz/184g

With notes of Ginger and Lime this Slush Mix is perfect for a refreshing summertime cocktail.

Ingredients: Sugar, Ginger, Citric Acid, Lime.

Instructions: Mix together 1 – 750 ML Bottle White Wine (we recommend a Chardonnay), 3 Cups Water & entire jar of Slush Mix in either a gallon freezer safe bag or container. Place in the freezer for 3-5 hours until desired slush consistency, agitating the liquid every hour. Add 1/3 cup Vodka or Rum for a little added Alcohol!

Don’t have 3 – 5 hours to wait?!?! No problem, place 1 cup wine, 1 cup ice and 1/3 bottle of slush mix into a blender and blend until desired slush consistency, adding more ice as needed. Add a splash of Vodka or Rum.

Depending on strength and type of freezer being used, it could take up to 8 hours to reach the correct consistency. The mix will freeze solid if left in freeze for an extended period of time. If this happens place bag/container in warm water until palpable or break into pieces and blend in a blender.
Other recommended Alcohol/Non-Alcoholic options: Red wine, Vodka, Rum, Sparkling Wine, Sparkling Grape Juice, Hard Apple Cider, Beer.

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