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We are certified kosher by Kosher Michigan and under the supervision of Rabbi Jason Miller.

kmThe Hebrew word kosher means fit or proper as it relates to Jewish dietary law. Kosher foods are permitted to be eaten, and can be used as ingredients in the production of additional food items.

The basic laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary law) are from the Jewish Bible. For thousands of years, rabbis have interpreted these laws and applied them to contemporary situations. Additionally, rabbis created additional laws to safeguard the integrity of kosher laws.

Not too long ago, most food products were made in the family kitchen or in a small factory or store in the local community. It was relatively easy to decide if the product was reliably kosher. If rabbinical supervision was required, it was attended to by the rabbi of the community, who was known to all. Today, industrialization, transcontinental shipping and mass production have created a situation where most of the foods we eat are treated, processed, cooked, canned or boxed commercially in industrial settings, which can be located hundreds or thousands of miles away from home.

What adds further complication is that it is generally not possible to judge the kosher status of an item on the basis of the information provided in the ingredient declaration for a variety of reasons. Unless a person is an expert in food production, the average consumer cannot possibly make an evaluation of the kosher status, which is why it is important to prepare kosher food under the supervision of a rabbi or kosher supervisor. Kosher Michigan has gained a reputation for creating more options for kosher food with strict standards and compliance to the kosher laws.

Kosher Michigan - Rabbi Jason Miller


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